How we manage risks

Farmer Selection Process

We obtain historic data on low risk farmers from Aggregators and further assess these farmers against additional risk assessment criteria.

Assets, Not Cash

We disburse working capital to the farmer in the form of inputs rather than cash. We work with reputable input providers who deliver the assets our farmers need to farm.

Quality Inputs

We work directly with reputable input providers to guarantee high quality inputs for our farmers. This contributes significantly to the quality of output.

Farming Best Practices

Our farms are registered with vets/agronomist and comply with best practice.

Supervised Projects

We regularly visit our farms to observe progress and share best practice with our farmers.

Buyer Market

We guarantee a ready buyer market at a good price for all our projects before listing them. on our platform.


We have a comprehensive insurance policy in place for all our projects. This protects our sponsors investment.

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Training Hours to Farmers


Committed to Farm Projects


Farmers Impacted


Average Annual Increase in Farmer Earnings